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  • Each student should review the season schedule for the band to which they are assigned to make sure that they are able to attend all rehearsals and performances. Grades are determined based on the member’s attendance record, according to the guidelines outlined below.

  • Members of the Scarlet and Knight Bands are responsible for the game assigned to the band of which they are a part. There is no maximum number of games you can attend, but attending games outside of those to which you are assigned does not absolve you from your responsibility to your band's schedule.

  • Winter break games are not compulsory, and attending them does not count toward any kind of a prescribed mandatory minimum. You are still responsible for all the games your band is assigned.

  • Any rehearsal absence request must be submitted for approval at least two days in advance of the rehearsal absence via email. If the band member plans to miss the rehearsal but attend all of the performances before the next rehearsal, the member need not acquire a sub for that rehearsal.

  • Any game day conflict must be resolved with a trade. Students with conflict are required to trade with a member of the opposite band who plays the same instrument so both may receive credit. The request must be submitted for approval at least one week in advance of the rehearsal preceding the performance in question.

  • Starting in 2017, a member may not miss more than four games for their respective bands Basketball Bands, even if they are able to find subs for these absences.  Absences more than these amounts will result in the lowering of the member’s grade by one letter for each subsequent absence.

  • Should a student fail to approve an absence (i.e. never contact the director) and have no sub attend the game, that student’s grade will automatically be lowered one letter grade.

  • Should a student attempt to approve a rehearsal or performance absence with the director and have the director deny the request, it is expected that the student attend the rehearsal or performance. Should the student fail to honor this expectation, the absence will be considered “unexcused.” Each student can receive one unexcused absence a year with no detriment to the academic grade. Following the first unexcused absence, each succeeding absence of this kind will lower that member’s grade by one letter.

  • If a student is participating in more than one Athletic Band, grades will be averaged between the bands.

  • Reminder:  Attendance will be a consideration when determining post-season travel along with instrumentation, seniority, attitude, and spirit, and if a tie exists, the flip of the coin will determine those attending.