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Whether you are a prospective student, have already committed to, or already attend Rutgers or any other NJ college or university, this page contains important information for future members of the Marching Scarlet Knights.

Registration for the 2024 season is open: CLICK HERE!  As always, you can ask us any questions you have on our Contact Us page. You can also check out our FAQ to see if any of your questions have been answered before.


To prepare for the start of football season, there are several full-ensemble rehearsals in addition to band camp. Attendance for these Saturday rehearsals are mandatory for anyone in New Jersey when they occur. Excuses will be made for out-of-state students as well as travel. While it is very important for these summer rehearsals to be well-attended and productive, we understand that inevitable conflicts occur. If you are unable to come to one or more of these rehearsals due to circumstances out of your control, you are still able to join the band.


Band camp is the most important part of our preseason preparation. In late August, the entire band arrives to campus prior to the start of the academic semester. Students living in on campus housing will move into their dorm early.  At band camp, we will learn both our traditional pregame show as well as our first halftime performance. While rehearsals take up most of the day, band camp is always a fun, memorable experience where many long lasting friendships are made.

Band camp is
MANDATORY for all members.


TENTATIVE Band Camp Schedule:

Thursday, August 22 - Early Move In/MSK Orientation
Friday, August 23 - All Members & Staff Report/Band Camp Begins

Wednesday, August 28 - All Members & Staff Conclude Band Camp

Friday, August 30 - Convocation (Frosh and Pep Bands)


As band camp approaches, more information will be sent out regarding times, what to bring, and early move-in when we return. Please feel free to contact us will any questions you may have. 


If you're not quite ready to join now you can sign up to receive updates about summer rehearsals, activities, and signup deadline by filling out our prospective member form

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