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The Rutgers Pep Band is composed of 120 woodwind, brass, and drum set players, both music and non-music majors.  Split into two bands, The Scarlet Band and The Knight Band, pep band students perform at Rutgers Women's Volleyball, Rutgers Women's Basketball and Rutgers Men's Basketball games, as well as special performances requested by the university.

In order to be eligible for the Rutgers Pep Band, students must:

  • Have playing experience on one of the musical instruments in the pep band instrumentation (Fl/picc, Bb clarinet, Alto or Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Mellophone, Baritone, Trombone, Tuba/Sousaphone, Drum Set, Electric Bass).

  • Fill out the "Pep Band Registration" form (to be added here when registration is open).

  • Attend the 3 required rehearsals in the fall semester each year (typically late October/Early November).

  • Register for the Pep Band class in the spring for 1 credit (07:701:338)

  • *Non-Rutgers students who attend other universities are allow to participate on a volunteer basis and must fill out a participation liability waiver.


All members receive an exclusive Pep Band uniform quarter-zip and have access to school owned instruments free of charge.


Members of the Rutgers Pep Band also have the opportunity to travel with the basketball teams for the B1G Tournament and beyond (non-Rutgers students are not eligible for travel).  Pep Band students are financially compensated for performances during winter break and travel to tournaments.  Previous performance destinations have included Indianapolis, Chicago, and NYC.