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As the Marching Scarlet Knights enters their 105th season in 2020, we are pleased to announce our 2020 student leadership team!

Drum Majors

Elizabeth Monkemeier

Kyle Gelatka

Jess Morley

Field Major
Michael Berliner


Mallory Vollbrecht and Steph Man-Section Leaders
Gianna Pizzutillo-Drill Advisor

Amelia Ainbinder-Section Leader

Meghan Correll and John Hoban - Drill Advisors

Alto Saxophone
Bahgat Hassan and Tony Moore-Section Leaders
Alexa Quarino and Jaden Riveles - Drill Advisors

Tenor Saxophone

Daniel Rogers-Section Leader
Jeremy Pampo - Drill Advisor


Zachary Grun and Connor Kaminski and Natalie Tews-Section Leaders

Matt Tice and Andrew Gollinge-Drill Advisors

Yesenia Cordero-Section Leader

James Aikins and Brendan Joyce-Drill Advisors


Brad Helias and Brianna Ruzicka-Section Leaders


Brian Siboczy-Section Leader

Mark Dela Cruz-Drill Advisor


Flynn Forester and Avery Kaplan-Section Leaders

Harsh Deshmukh-Drill Advisor


Caroline Davila-Captain

Front Ensemble
Jason Capehart-Section Leader

Color Guard

Cara Del Gaudio and Hayden Klein-Captains


Yesenia Cordero & Natalie Tews

Administrative Support

Jess Roberts and Brandon Schraete

Congratulations and good luck to all of our new student leaders!

Game 1 in the Books

The first game day of the 2019 season was officially a success! Not only did Rutgers win, but the MSK put on some fantastic performances for Rutgers fans, including pregame, halftime, the Scarlet Walk, and the unveiling of the all new Victory statue at SHI Stadium. 

The fall semester kicks off today, which means our hard working members are starting classes. We will begin our normal rehearsal schedule tomorrow, and begin preparing for our next home game on Saturday the 21st. Make sure to come check out our performance and join the game day excitement!

Lake Greeley 2019

For the 11th year running, the Marching Scarlet Knights will travel to Greeley, PA for band camp. Located in the scenic Ponoco mountains, Lake Greeley Camp provides the band with a great location to rehearse in preparation for the first football game against the University of Massachusetts on August 31st.

Camp is a memorable time for all members of the band, being the perfect place to spend time with new and old friends. For new members, camp is the time to bond with their sections and start new friendships before the semester even begins.

Fans of the band, make sure to keep an eye on our social media pages for pictures from this year's camp!

Lake Greeley...Here We Come!

For the 10th straight year, the Marching Scarlet Knights will be returning to beautiful Lake Greeley Camp in the Pocono Mountains for band camp.  This location which houses the band for their week long camp gives the group the space they need to prepare for the quickly approaching season.

This year, camp will be held from August 23-28 with all members reporting on day 1; a change from the past few years.

When the band returns, they will rehearse at a final dress rehearsal, host and family and friend preview day, and will begin their season on September 1st when the football team takes on Texas State at High Point Solutions Stadium.

Front Ensemble Returns

The long awaited return of the Rutgers University Marching Band Front Ensemble is finally here.  As part of the culture that Professor Nichols is looking to build with the Marching Scarlet Knights, there was a clear vision that allowed for the band to not only take on the new traditions that come with the band's membership in the B1G but also bring the New Jersey flare to the B1G.

The front ensemble will include:
-Keyboard percussion (marimbas, vibraphones, etc.)
-Synthesizers and electronic instruments
-Non-pitched percussion (Drum set, rack percussion)

If you or anyone you know might be interested in auditioning for this new and
exciting section of the Rutgers Marching Band, please feel free to contact:
Todd Nichols, Director of Athletic Bands at or Matt Blood, Front Ensemble Caption Head at


We would like to announce the 2018 Marching Scarlet Knight Office Staff & Student Leaders! A huge thank you goes out to this past season's student leadership who really stepped up to make 2017 an amazing year!

2018 Office Staff

Yesenia Cordero-Music Librarian
Patrick Zazzaro-Uniform Manager
Jacqueline Chang-Office Staff
Sherena Chilton-Office Staff
Maria Villalobos-Office Staff

2018 MSK Leadership Team

Patrick Zazzaro-Drum Major 
Harrison Farrugia-Drum Major 
Nicholas Briski-Drum Major 
Sabrina Csatay-Field Major 
Mallory Vollbrecht-Piccolo Section Leader
Stephanie Man-Piccolo Drill Advisor
Jessica Roberts-Clarinet Section Leader
Sherena Chilton-Clarinet Section Leader
Emily Kafas-Clarinet Drill Advisor
Bryce Barr-Saxophone Section Leader
Joe Unkel-Saxophone Section Leader
Leah Klein-Trumpet Section Leader
Natalie Tews-Trumpet Section Leader
Kyle Buznitsky-Trumpet Drill Advisor
Matt Tice-Trumpet Drill Advisor
Craig Sirota-Mellophone Section Leader
Jason Gaughan-Mellophone Drill Advisor
Delmarice Price-Trombone Section Leader
Ethan Benderly-Kremen-Trombone Section Leader
Brad Helias-Trombone Drill Advisor
Mark Dela Cruz-Baritone Section Leader
Kyle Gelatka-Tuba Section Leader
TJ Johnson-Tuba Section Leader
Nick DiMare-Percussion Captain
Ashly Kurian-Color Guard Captain
Jacqueline Chang-Color Guard Captain