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The Rutgers University Marching Band is proud to present The Scarlet Girl and our Twirling Line.  While missing from our program several years ago we are now, putting the much needed time and effort into resuming the tradition of world class twirling to the Marching Scarlet Knights.
The Scarlet Girl: Tiahna Selby 
Tiahna is the current feature twirler for the Marching Scarlet Knights. She is a graduate student majoring in Biological Science and Biological Science Education. Prior to twirling here at Rutgers Tiahna has twirled for Union High School in Union, NJ. Some of Tiahna's recent accomplishments include being the 2018 College Miss Majorette of NJ, and the 2019 United States Twirling Association Solo, 2 baton, and 3 baton NJ State Champion.
The Scarlet Girl: Christiana Selby
Christiana is the current feature twirler for the Marching Scarlet Knights. Christiana is a senior at Rutgers Business School. Prior to twirling here at Rutgers Christiana has twirled for Union High School in Union, NJ. Christiana is the current 2019 & 2020 College Miss Majorette of NJ and the 2019 National Baton Twirling Association Advanced Solo NJ State Champion.
2022-2023 Audition Process

The Marching Scarlet Knights will have feature twirler and twirling line positions open for the 2022-2023 season!


All interested candidates must complete a Rutgers University Twirling Interest form by 11:59PM on March 1, 2022.  Upon completion of the interest form, an audition video and required materials (stated below) must be submitted via email to no later than 11:59PM on April 1, 2022. Applications not submitted in a timely manner cannot be considered. Finalists will be selected by mid-April. Some of the essential skills required by applicants for the twirling line include the ability to do a one-spin illusion, at least three spins, 2 and 3 baton combinations, and advanced body work and dance technique. Applicants for feature twirler must in addition be able to execute a double illusion, three or more spins, a variety of rolls, well-developed multiple baton skills, and flexibility. Gymnastic skills will be considered, but are not required.

Application Requirements

• A cover letter stating your intent and reasons for applying
• A current resume listing academic and twirling accomplishments, etc. Be sure to include contact information including phone number and email address for the applicant.
• A color full-length photo of the applicant in full competition/performance costume
• A video highlighting your abilities to include competition and marching band footage if available
The video should include these examples:
• Competition performances (in costume)
• On the field performances (if available)
• Pep rally performances (if available)
• 1, 2, and 3 baton skills
• Gymnastic skills (optional)

Note: A YouTube link or other online media is acceptable for the video.  There is no time limit for the audition video. Any other optional materials you wish to send that highlight your qualifications such as letter(s) of recommendation will be considered.