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Off-campus performances occur frequently. These include special performances in and around New Jersey and out-of-state events. While some events will be for the entire band, numerous performances are for small groups of students. In the event that a small ensemble is called for, the instrumentation will consist primarily of brass and percussion instruments. 
  • All expenses are paid by either Rutgers Athletic or Athletic Bands.

  • Per diems are a daily cash allotment to cover meal expenses on a trip when a meal is not provided. Students will receive a debit card rather than cash. Student will not receive more money than is allotted by athletics on a given day of a trip.

Students traveling with the Rutgers Athletic Bands must adhere to all campus and athletic policies that pertain to student conduct. The director reserves the right to interpret the code of conduct and will follow the appropriate university policies if there appears to be a breach of contract.

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